O.G.F.C: German Fiction, Gumby or Cheeseburger

First Balderdash in a while. Have a guess in the comments – remember, Googling is a last resort.

And now, let’s play Balderdash…

Category: Acronyms


a) Original German Fiction Club

b) Official Gumby Fan Club

c) Outrageous Gherkin and Fries Cheeseburger


Meeting At Midnight: A Romance, 12 Hours of War or Fake Fortune Tellers

Still more good ideas. Getting closer to that burst needed for the next Treading Twisted Lines story.

But, apparently, not quite there yet.

Remember, have a guess which answer’s right before Googling 🙂

And now, let’s play Balderdash…

Category:  Movies

Meeting At Midnight

a) An unlikely tale of romance between a sweet night watchman called Brent Goat and feisty single mother Carol with three imaginative sons who decide she needs a little sugar to match her spice

b) At noon, the tanks rolled into town. At six, the guns stopped firing. At nine, white flags waved. At midnight …

c) Detective Charlie Chan discovers fake fortune tellers while investigating a mystery

S.C.A.: Soybeans, Scrabble Support Group or Crooked Appendages?

In general not severe but noticeable and still unwelcome pain about the shoulder, arm, neck, back area from sitting at a computer all day most days. Should probably have expected that more, given I spent most of my time behind a computer even before scoring a paying job.

Thinking about putting together more of the geography, history and culture of the Treading Twisted Lines universe. Came up with a few ideas yesterday and was happily noting them on my phone before work. Perhaps it will help in finally getting out the forth story. There are so many notes for it; shouldn’t take more than a few days to churn out a draft. Once I… of course… sit down to actually tackle it. Not being in the mood to do want you want… one of the more foul feelings we humans experience.

Must learn to push through the blah after clocking off and actually get on with my real job.

And now, let’s play Balderdash …

Category:  Acronyms


a) Soybean Council of America

b) Scrabble Cheaters Anonymous

c) Slightly Crooked Appendage

I Am Suzanne: A Dancer, Transsexual or Lookalike’s Story?

Started writing a randomly generated scene, but need to get back to editing.  Shall hopefully finish it tomorrow or on Tuesday 🙂 Remember, have a guess before Googling.

And now, let’s play Balderdash…

Category:  Movies

I Am Suzanne

a) A dancer gets mixed up with gangsters after falling in love with a puppeteer.

b) Based on true events, the emotional, occasionally awkward yet inspiring story of a young transsexual born into an aristocratic family in 1950s London.

c) An overlooked lookalike is mistaken for actress Suzanne Mills at a commercial casting call and is haplessly launched from obscurity to stardom, much to the real Suzanne’s displeasure.

P.T.O.S: Syndrome, Outreach Service or Patent Society?

This is winter in Brisbane. Why is it so cold in my house in the mornings?

Time for Balderdash 🙂 Remember, no Googling until you’ve had a good guess at the answer. This one might be a little easier than some others, I think.

And now, let’s play Balderdash…

Category: Acronyms


a) Post Trauma Oscillating Syndrome

b) Perplexed Teenagers’ Outreach Service

c) Patent and Trademark Office Society

Tokuji Hayakawa: CEO, Inventor or Actor

I’m away for four days (I think) and WordPress gets a new look to surprise me. Tis indeed a nice surprise, particularly after that random ad scare – in case anyone was wondering, that did turn out to be only related to my computer and was easily fixed. No time to do any real writing, so Balderdash it is… quickly, before the day ticks over. Remember, no Googling until you’ve guessed.

And now, let’s play Balderdash…

Category:  People

Tokuji Hayakawa

a) CEO of Toyota from 1983 to 1997

b) Inventor of the first mechanical pencil and founder of Sharp Electronics

c) A Kabuki actor whose original claim to fame was his role as a would-be samurai in Akira Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurais

Trisaidekaphobia: 13, Repeating or Meds?

Not quite been a full and tidy week since the last post – was out of blogging commission due mainly to a fairly intense schedule of choir rehearsals leading up to our end-of-semester concert. Concert was last night – didn’t get to bed till around three this morning, so still fairly exhausted. Just a quick round of Balderdash before snoozing now. Shall hopefully be back with a randomly generated scene and maybe a picture in 100 words during the week.

Remember, no Googling until you’ve had a good guess as to the correct answer 🙂

And now, let’s play Balderdash …

Category: Words


a) Fear of the number thirteen

b) Fear of repeating yourself more than twice

c) Fear of being prescribed and taking anti-depressants

Shall leave it how it is, but it has just been pointed out to me that the correct spelling of this word is triskaidekaphobia. Makers of Absolute Balderdash, please discipline your spell-checkers or I shall have to make it a pedantic habit to check the spelling of every word I use from your cards and not just mindlessly copy them.