I Am Suzanne: A Dancer, Transsexual or Lookalike’s Story?

Started writing a randomly generated scene, but need to get back to editing.  Shall hopefully finish it tomorrow or on Tuesday 🙂 Remember, have a guess before Googling.

And now, let’s play Balderdash…

Category:  Movies

I Am Suzanne

a) A dancer gets mixed up with gangsters after falling in love with a puppeteer.

b) Based on true events, the emotional, occasionally awkward yet inspiring story of a young transsexual born into an aristocratic family in 1950s London.

c) An overlooked lookalike is mistaken for actress Suzanne Mills at a commercial casting call and is haplessly launched from obscurity to stardom, much to the real Suzanne’s displeasure.


Trisaidekaphobia: 13, Repeating or Meds?

Not quite been a full and tidy week since the last post – was out of blogging commission due mainly to a fairly intense schedule of choir rehearsals leading up to our end-of-semester concert. Concert was last night – didn’t get to bed till around three this morning, so still fairly exhausted. Just a quick round of Balderdash before snoozing now. Shall hopefully be back with a randomly generated scene and maybe a picture in 100 words during the week.

Remember, no Googling until you’ve had a good guess as to the correct answer 🙂

And now, let’s play Balderdash …

Category: Words


a) Fear of the number thirteen

b) Fear of repeating yourself more than twice

c) Fear of being prescribed and taking anti-depressants

Shall leave it how it is, but it has just been pointed out to me that the correct spelling of this word is triskaidekaphobia. Makers of Absolute Balderdash, please discipline your spell-checkers or I shall have to make it a pedantic habit to check the spelling of every word I use from your cards and not just mindlessly copy them.

March 1 1978: Famous for Chaplin’s Coffin, Volunteer Release, or Rabbit Plagues?

Couldn’t get in the right frame of mind for writing Treading Twisted Lines over the weekend, so I started editing my first novel again, instead.  That should keep me busy in the evenings for the next few weeks.  Or months.

Have a guess which option is true. Remember, no googling until you have a go.


And now, let’s play Balderdash …

Category:  Dates

1 March 1978

a) Charlie Chaplin’s coffin was stolen in Switzerland

b) Two British volunteers kidnapped in Vietnam were released after five years of imprisonment

c) New Zealand’s rabbit infestation officially reached plague status.

N.H.L.A: Hash, Health, or Housewives?

A bit weary. Slowly getting back into the work-thing … and I’m not even doing any real work, yet. Probably won’t fool anyone with the nonsense below. Have a guess in the comments – remember, no googling allowed 🙂

And now, let’s play Balderdash …

Category:  Acronyms


a) Naughty Hash Liberators of Amsterdam

b) New Health and Living Association

c) National Housewives League of America