Treading Twisted Now Free

Huzzah, happiness and good things – it’s Read an Ebook Week. Consequently, every single one of my books – the whole Treading Twisted series as it currently stands, from The Chosen Voice all the way to¬†A Courtesy Call – is free at Smashwords until 12 March when you use the code RW100. A whole series … as it currently stands … for free is a pretty good deal, I think. By partaking of this offer also, you make a humble author most happy ūüôā

You can have a lovely browse of the series right here on my Smashwords author page.

Would love any feedback, critique, support, manic grinning of enjoyment … anything you’d like to offer that you get out of my stories. I hope there is much said manic grinning of enjoyment … if you enjoy them.¬†Thanks in advance to all the lovely people for your support and hope to hear good things from you!

Just A Quick Note of Free

Just wanted to let all the lovely people know that all my books are part of the July Summer/Winter Sale on Smashwords. This means they are all free. Lovely and free – and this includes brand new baby book Suddenly Calling, which only came out on the 16th this month. July will only last a¬†few more days, though – grab while free ūüôā And let me know how they read – Goodreads, here, wherever. I remain in a constant state of anticipating feedback, particularly with a brand-new book out.

The free code is on each books’ page and you can access them all¬†from my author’s profile right here.

And, as an update, Book 5 is going reasonably well. Recently finished the second first draft … if there’s such a thing. Have taken it out of Scrivener and shall now be attacking in Word. Still too long and a few holes that need filling and/or total removal altogether. But shouldn’t take more than a few weeks … hopefully … then should be getting it out to my lovely editors. Trying to give my third novel a little love at the moment, too. Got as far as rearranging chapters tonight. Have many notes for the numerous adjustments that must be made, but think I need several entirely free days to be able to focus.

Hope all the lovely people are well ūüôā

Turn on the Sprinkler or Stoke Up that Fire: The Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale is Here!

Hooray!  I love sales!

Especially book sales!

Especially when it’s my books on sale!

Especially when my books are on sale for free for a month in the Smashwords Summer/Winter sale!

If you haven’t had a look, I’d love for you to check out my work. ¬†Usually 99 cents, The Chosen Voice and Under the Bright Water are free¬†all through July with the code SW100 when purchasing from The Rat and Dry Spell are as free as they’ve always been, so please enjoy downloading those, too. Comments and reviews somewhat lusted after. Just so you know ūüôā

While you’re over at Smashwords, take a moment, if you can spare it, to browse through the sale catalogue. ¬†Heaps of independent e-books boast huge discounts all month and all the awesome authors would treasure your readership and support as they would their firstborn’s baby teeth. Possibly more.

I wish good reading to you all, whether stretched on a beach in the northern summer sun or huddled close to electric heaters to ward off the frigid chill (or mild coolness…) of the Southern Hemisphere winter.

Dry Spell Released

Decided now was as good a time as any to release¬†Dry Spell,¬†an uber-short story that I wrote in January. ¬†It’s up for free on Smashwords if you’d like to have a look. ¬†Young adult drama with a hint of fantasy,¬†Dry Spell¬†tells of teenager Paul Fields’s difficulties getting through drought when an inner voice¬†keeps urging him to hurt anyone nearby.

cover2Paul Fields has had a rough few years: elfin mother assaulted, well-known father arrested, and unfairly turned away from his rugby club. Now, the weight of the clouds is upon him. And as Paul sits unwillingly through his younger brother’s school play, intrusive thoughts of violence assail him, demanding he act. His brother in his arms, will Paul break him to ease the suffering of all?

Click here to have a look or download ūüôā

The Best Time to Release a Short Story

Didn’t sit down at the computer soon enough tonight to get anything interesting or vaguely entertaining written. Watched the new episode of Game of Thrones, instead. Hooray for some nice character development in some of my favourites.

I’ve decided to release Dry Spell – the short story I finished in January and blogged a little while ago – for free over Smashwords. It’s all ready to go. I’m just trying to figure the best time to release it. The best time, of course, being when to release it here in Australia so the most people possible see it in the US while its featured on the front page. Not that I’m specifically targetting a US audience. I’m just quite sure the majority of Smashwords users are from there. And honestly, I need the exposure if I’m to attract any attention to the Treading Twisted Lines series.

With that in mind, if anyone would like to review any of the three currently released instalments of Treading Twisted Lines on Smashwords, Goodreads, the iTunes store – anywhere, really –¬†leave me a comment somewhere and I’ll get you a free copy to do so with. I’m starting to fish for reviews, I know. I’m just not sure what else to do at this point aside from ask.

Feeling a touch low, sorry. I’ll stop going on so. ¬†Shall make a note here once Dry Spell is released.

Homecoming Gifts and Long-Awaited First Assessments

Woke up after arriving back in Brisbane yesterday evening to a lovely homecoming present – my first book review.

A fellow Smashwords author called Sam Seudo – I read one of his short stories last year, and really got into it – wrote a wonderful review of The Chosen Voice, giving it four out of five stars. His assessment was extensive, drew attention to both good points and less-well-executed aspects, summed up his overall opinion … pretty much everything someone could want in a first review. He even helped me realise something important about one of the lead characters, which will affect how I write her again. If she pops up in the story cycle again. She probably will. I at least want one more appearance from her, even if it’s brief.

Think I’ll have to up the number of reviews I write for my fellow Smashwords authors. It’s just such a lovely thing to find in your email, that someone you’ve never met has read and honestly appraised your work. Something all writers should have the true pleasure of experiencing.

Adelaide was fine. Hot, though. But dry. Spent time with some good people, a few of them even quite like-minded to me. And the concert went¬†reasonably¬†well after a week of intensive¬†rehearsals, though the¬†first half was better than the second, I think. A good festival, all in all. Nice to be blogging again, though. My poor calendar’s looking so sad.

Release of the Third Instalment! It Was Managed Before New Year! Hooray!

Said I hoped to manage it before we all ticked on over into 2013, and so it was done. Just.

The third instalment of my fantasy short story cycle Treading Twisted Lines with Darren, Maddi, and Kai is now available from Smashwords as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Had to capitalise that. Just to see what it looked like.

I like it enough to leave it.

This book is called¬†The Rat.¬†Comments from pre-publishing readers have included “confronting” and “captures the utter hopelessness of the situation.” I hope you download it and give it a read. Let me know what you think with a comment, or even a review on Smashwords, if you particularly like/don’t like it. And if you haven’t read the first two instalments – they are all stand alone books, but you’ll pick up connections and relations between the stories and characters if you read them all – The Chosen Voice and Under the Bright Water are both available from Smashwords and an array of good online retailers.

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2013 will be a happy year of life and blogging for us all.

Treading Twisted Lines Continues For Free (Hopefully Before the Year’s Out)

Finished the first section of the fourth instalment of the Treading Twisted Lines series, today. The working title for this one is Stronger, but that’s already the third title I’ve tried. Shall probably change it again.

What this means, is that the third instalment of the series (The Rat) might be released by the end of the year, after all. I’m happy with it, it’s been edited several times by the usual suspects – my lovely Mum, my lovely editor auntie, and myself – and I’ve entered discussions as to the cover art. All that was missing was the teaser excerpt from the following instalment, which is now taken care of. Perhaps I should wait until the fourth one is actually complete but … I’d rather not.¬†It’s planned in fair detail, and looks set to be quite long – it’s the first to outline most of the protagonist’s life to the point where things start to unravel and explode. Shall see what happens, but with multiple projects on the go, I’m not sure when a final product, let along a well-written, edited final product, will exist in a happily completed Word file, ready and rearing in my Smashwords Publish folder.

It’s hard to know what to work on, right now. Haven’t quite decided whether Treading Twisted Lines or Tom takes precedence, though it’s usually Tom that wins out in the end. Was working on him just then. I was hoping to finish chapter 18 tonight (clearly I didn’t manage it the other day, nor the days following …), but shall probably just finish this section, and (attempt to) finish it off tomorrow.

So, back to the third instalment’s release: since I don’t know for sure for sure if it’s possible, I won’t put up a countdown just yet. But I’ll very, very tentatively aim for my December 30.

And to finish, some good news: this book, entitled The Rat, shall be a free e-book. As shall the sixth instalment, the ninth, the twelfth: every third book in this series will be released entirely free of charge.

Hooray for hopeful, sub-standard marketing strategies.

The Woes of Trying to Avoid Retailer Rejection and the Perks of Advertising

Uber warm right now – meant to get up to 39 (Celsius¬†…) degrees tomorrow. Planning on doing Christmas shopping in air conditioning, then having¬†excessively¬†large lunch in air conditioning, then seeing Skyfall again … in air conditioning. And maybe on the giant screen. Don’t know yet. Have to look up movie times.

Will get some work done after that. Finding – especially in this heat – that I’m concentrating best between eight thirty at night and around two or three in the morning. Got some stuff done in the afternoon today, though. That felt good. Hopefully I’ll get just as much done when I’m finished this blog, and I’ll have chapter 16 of Tom done.

Feeling a little frustrated. Sent an email to Smashwords the other day about my second book (Under the Bright Water) not being listed by a few retailers yet – I don’t like to rush people, but it’s been out for nearly a month, and I was getting a little anxious. Heard back from them today in a lovely, polite email. It read that they shall alert one retailer, but that Apple’s rejected it because there’s a formatting error when it’s read on landscape. Vanishing text, or something along those lines.

I scrolled through my EPUB copy, and couldn’t find anything like that … but maybe I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. Or maybe it doesn’t happen all the time. In any case, I’m confused. I followed exactly the same formatting as I did for the first one, and that was released by Apple well before any of the other retailers. It seems that either Apple’s made a mistake, or I’ve made some¬†massively¬†annoying error that wasn’t picked up by Smashwords’s check. I suppose it’s more likely I’ve made an error, and I’m aware Smashwords admits that errors can accidentally get through their system. But I can’t quite get past the fact that I (am¬†absolutely¬†positive that I did though I know small oversights can be made) exactly imitated the formatting of my first book.

Argh … irritation pulses in my skull.

I’m not entirely sure what to do. I sent a reply, asking for Smashwords’s advice. Will wait to hear from them, but will probably have get rid of all the formatting, do it all again, and resubmit it. Hopefully, whatever little error got through the system will be vanquished, and it will soon be re-shipped to Apple. If they still won’t list it, I won’t have a clue what I’m meant to do. Blarg …

On another note, my first book is now being advertised here on¬†Whizbuzz, and also here on The Vandal. They have a neat little system so when you leave a reply on the book’s page, it is automatically re-tweets to increase the book’s exposure. So if you’ve read and enjoyed The Chosen Voice (99 cents at a lot of retailers – links in the Treading Twisted Lines section of this blog if you’d like to have a look) maybe you could think about leaving a little comment? I’d appreciate your support ūüôā

Free Once Again – This Time, Immediately!

Experimenting with a different type of promotion for¬†Under the Bright Water. ¬†Need to do lots of experimenting. ¬†See what works. ¬†And what doesn’t. ¬†Always learning, we are.

So. ¬†Because you’re all so lovely for popping into my blog every now and then, I’d like to offer you all a free coupon for the second instalment of the Treading Twisted Lines series. ¬†After clicking “add to cart”¬†here on Under The Bright Water’s Smashwords page, just enter the coupon code below to receive your lovely free copy.

Here’s the free coupon code: ¬†UT82F

It expires on 1 December, so make sure to download your copy by then!

Looking forward to hearing what people think. ¬†Advice, critique, praise – any feedback is welcome! ¬†And if you haven’t had a look at the first story in the series,¬†The Chosen Voice, you can view its Smashwords page here.¬† Thanks again for all the support – such a little blog is even smaller without a few nice readers.

In other news, still trolling about for literary agents. ¬†Re-worked my query and shall send it to two more tomorrow morning after a final edit. ¬†Also, have a bit of a plan for National Novel Writing Month. ¬†I was all silly, and thought we weren’t supposed to start planning until 1 November, but have since read otherwise and put a few bare bones together. ¬†Already making matters difficult for myself – seems to be short story cycle within a novel, and leaning towards literary fiction at that. ¬†Oh wells. ¬†Even if I don’t finish within the month, should put a big dent in it, and eventually I’ll have something unusual to add to my portfolio.